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10 Tips for Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment is less than 2 weeks away and while it’s an exciting time, pre-recruitment nerves are totally normal! Because of this, 10 of our sisters have decided to share some of their wisdom with their most important pieces of advice about participating in formal recruitment and making the most out of your experience. Enjoy!

1. “Let us have a sense of who you truly are because you want the best match for you just as much as we want the best match for us! Don’t try to mold to what you perceive an organization is or wants. All panhellenic organizations love and embrace the individuality and unique qualities that make their chapters their own!” - Gali Isaacson

2. “Write notes on your phone after each party about how you felt in the room, what you talked about and who you talked to. It can be incredibly overwhelming going to so many different sororities and the conversations you have will blur together. Having these notes will help ground you when making a decision.” - Alice Harris

3. “Being yourself is the best preparation there is! Go in with an open mind because each chapter brings something different and special to the table within our Panhellenic community. Make friends within your recruitment group because it’s a long weekend, you’ll want each other’s support and more importantly - some of the girls standing around you could end up being your sisters!” - Julia Rakin

4. “Read the room!! Watch how sisters are interacting with each other, that is a huge indication of a sorority’s personality outside of the conversations you’re having with a select few sisters! Seeing how sisters interact with each other will give you a really good sense of what sisterhood may mean to each chapter.” - Lau Peña, Assistant Recruitment Chair

5. “Go with your gut! Leave your preconceived notions at the door and walk into every party with an open mind and excitement to get to know new people on this campus. One of my favorite things about formal recruitment is that it’s a unique opportunity to make connections with women that you otherwise might not have met. This goes for the girls you meet in organizations and your Rho Gamma groups.” - Valentina Battista, Recruitment Chair

6. “Be fully present during each party - take in all of the conversations and try not to be distracted. You’re only in each room for a short amount of time so it’s important to be aware of what’s going on.” - Sophia Paynter

7. “Form your own opinion about an organization. Don’t follow what your friends say because each person has a different experience. Your opinion should not be influenced by what your friends like or what you have heard from others. Take note of your own values and see how they align with each organization.” - Callie Sofis-Scheft

8. “Utilize your recruitment counselor (Rho Gamma)! They are there to help you and provide guidance, unbiased advice and insight throughout the recruitment process. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them with any questions whether it be regarding outfits, general questions or concerns!” - Hannah Sharghi

9. “Be sure to pack plenty of snacks and water. While you have breaks, it is a long day and you will thank yourself later when you have things to hold you over!” - Sarah Teran

10. “Every single sorority at American University is filled with incredible, intelligent and beautiful women. Regardless of what you think you know about a sorority, give everyone an equal chance. Don’t let preconceived notions get in the way of having a great experience.” - Kayla Butler, President





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