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Building a Community in Chi Omega

Khushi Khungar, Spring '20

I grew up in Cary, NC, but my parents moved from India around 20 years ago. Growing up in a small suburb of Raleigh NC, there was a really small and tight knit Indian community, and most people knew each other. It was really easy to get involved within the community and learn about Indian culture. What I struggled with, was finding a balance between discovering the culture and sharing it with my friends who weren’t Indian. Though I loved every part of our culture, I found myself thinking twice when I would share Indian dances I had performed or festivals I celebrated with my friends.

Moving to DC, I felt the same way, until I joined Chi Omega. In Chi O, every sister brings forth something unique to our chapter, and we cherish our differences, because they unite us. This is unity in diversity. Everyone wants to learn more about the different cultures represented within our chapter, and this has made me even more proud of my identity and culture. Where I found myself hesitating to share my culture with my friends who weren’t Indian at home in NC, I now find myself sharing it proudly with all of my sisters, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, and we all celebrate this diversity together. Chi Omega has made me proud of who I am and my culture, and that’s something I’ll carry forth with me throughout my life.

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