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Margaret Nerrow, Spring '21

My name is Margaret Nerrow and I am a Sophomore, majoring in International Studies and pursuing a minor in Marketing. I am originally from Concord, Massachusetts and some of my favorite activities include spending time outdoors, going hiking, skiing, and spending time with my big, Ishita Jamar and my other friends in Chi Omega. Doing classes virtually in the Fall and Spring of last year was really debilitating to my social life, I didn’t feel like I was involved in the AU community at all, and joining Chi Omega completely changed that. I will never forget the advice sister Ryleigh Brown gave me when going through my final day of recruitment last spring. She told me to pick the organization that would continue a friendship with me even if I didn’t join their organization, and I felt like that organization for me was Chi Omega. The women in Chi Omega are diverse, authentic, inspiring, and extremely genuine.

I felt the support from Chi Omega immediately after joining when I was quarantining due to Covid-19. Members of Chi Omega that I barely knew went out of their way to FaceTime me when I was at my lowest and spent time talking to me which made me really feel like I had the support system and community that I was missing. I know I can count on the sisters of Chi Omega to push me, support me, and inspire me every step of the way through my college journey and I can’t wait to see what the future of Chi Omega holds.

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