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So Greek Life Isn’t Just Like the Movies?

Renesa Massand, Spring '20

Being an international student for many years, college greek life was merely a parallel to what I had seen on T.V. or in movies. The sisters of Kappa Nu in ​Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising taught me that all sorority girls did was party, with little regard for academics. The sisters of Kappa Phi Nu in Amanda Bynes’ ​Sydney White​ taught me that sorority girls were evil and cruel. My biases were furthered by all my international friends, who also based their ideas of greek life on the media. It wasn’t until I went through formal recruitment at American University that I learned not to trust everything I see on T.V.

Since the first day of recruitment, the Panhellenic community and Chi Omega proved my preconceived notions wrong and earned my appreciation for their dedication to their sisterhood, philanthropy, and values. Seeing the work the organizations in the Panhellenic community put in for their philanthropies further convinced me that Panhellelenic doesn’t just host fun mixers and on-campus events, but they bring positive change to the greater community. Chi Omega, in particular, stood out to me for this reason. During rush, I heard from multiple sisters that their favorite memory in Chi Omega was Sand Slam, the philanthropy event Chi Omega holds every spring for Make-A-Wish. The passion they held when talking about Make-A-Wish and the good that’s come out of their fundraising sparked my desire to learn more about Chi Omega at American University.

Although ​Sydney White d​idn’t portray sorority sisters in the best light, I have to admit that ​Legally Blonde g​ot one thing about sororities right; loyalty. When Elle Woods decided to take the LSAT, her sisters were there to help her prepare whenever necessary. My experience with my sisters in Chi Omega (although under very different circumstances) has been pretty similar. I constantly have sisters to study with, strong women to look up to, a plethora of individuals I can always seek for any advice, lunch dates, and the list goes on. Since joining Chi Omega I have never felt alone. I know I have unconditional support from all my sisters, and this is something I truly value in the scary world we currently live in. Like many other young adults, finding true friendships is hard and formulating strong bonds can become difficult. My experiences in Chi Omega have been amazing; I have found friendships within this organization that I am confident will last a lifetime.

Looking back I could not be happier with my decision to go through recruitment at AU. I found my home away from home in Chi Omega and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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