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Symphony Series: "Scholarship Before Social Obligation"

The Chi Omega Symphony was written in 1904 by a new member on the day of her initiation, and even over a century later, these words are still cherished by all sisters of Chi Omega. In our chapter, we look at this symphony as words to live by and it is at the core of everything we stand for. Check out what our sister Julia has to say about the line "scholarship before social obligation" and how our sisters live up to this every day.

“Scholarship before social obligation” is a line from our symphony that is extremely important to the sisters of Chi Omega. We value our academic achievements and teach each other how important it is to have a strong work ethic. The sisters in eta lambda are eager to help in networking, resume building, career opportunities, and have an overall amazing work ethic.

In Chi O, we are lucky to have a variety of resources for academic achievement. One notable resource is our mentorship program, where new members are assigned an older sister with a similar major to help them in whatever they may need. Personally, my academic mentor along with my G-big and other older sisters helped me immensely through all aspects of my studies – whether it be difficult classes, scheduling courses, internship searches, or more. I knew I could always count on them and reach out without hesitation, which was super helpful as I was adjusting to being in Greek life.

In addition to the mentorship program, we have a class/professor GoogleDoc where sisters can get insights into classes they may want to take and a career/scholarship Facebook page where active members and impressive alumni post amazing job opportunities and networking possibilities.

My sisters in Chi Omega inspire me with their commitment to their passions and prioritize being a student at American University above all else. There is no better definition of play hard work harder than the women I'm surrounded by in Chi Omega. We lift each other up in every way we can, both in and out of the classroom. Whether we need help with homework, finding jobs or internships, professor recommendations, or someone to read over a paper, there is always a helping hand in Chi O, as we value "scholarship over social obligation."

Written by: Julia Rakin



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