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What I wish I knew before formal recruitment

We asked our president, Kayla, what she wishes she knew before going through formal recruitment. This is what she had to say.

First semester freshman year was a challenging time for me. I was adjusting to the environment, academics, and dorm-life at AU. In high school, I felt like I had a very good sense of community because of the various activities and leadership roles that I was involved in. As a first-semester freshman at AU I felt a bit lost and lacking a sense of purpose and community. I was loosely involved in some clubs during my first semester, but nothing was exciting to me or capturing my time and attention like I wanted it too. I knew that American had Greek life, and ever since beginning school, I had an interest in rushing a sorority. I went through formal recruitment in the spring of 2017. As a first-generation college student, I didn’t really have any family members who were involved in Greek life, so I decided to go through recruitment and see what it was like for myself.

There are many things that I wish I knew before going through recruitment back in 2017. I wish I knew to be more relaxed. I know that sounds like something so small, but I had so much anxiety while I was going through because I wanted everyone to like me. Looking back, I now know that going through recruitment isn’t about trying to please all of the women you talk too, but to be yourself, and through that you will find your home.

Sorority recruitment counselors play a large role in the recruitment process and are supposed to help the women in their group find their place in an organization. I wish that I had leaned on my SRC leader more. Going into recruitment, I didn’t know any of the women in different organizations. Throughout the weekend of recruitment, my SRC leader was trying to be as helpful as possible. I think that if I had talked through my thoughts on my experiences in each organization with her, that would have definitely benefited me.

The entire weekend of recruitment was pretty overwhelming to me. I was incredibly nervous the whole time and kept thinking, “what if no organization wants me?” I kept hearing people say things like, “trust the process” or “you will find your home.” Although those are nice things to say, I knew in the back of my mind that people said them to comfort others. Even though I didn’t find this comforting, I understood that I would find my place in an organization. With the many anxieties I had during that weekend, it was also so exciting and fun.

I’m so thankful that I went through formal recruitment and got to meet such awesome women in all different organizations. Formal recruitment was so special to me because through it I found my home, Chi Omega. Even though you can’t possibly prepare for everything that comes your way, the most important thing is to be yourself. When you are able to be vulnerable and authentic, the women you talk to will see that. Have fun and befriend the women you meet throughout the whole weekend! When you join an organization, you join an entire Panhellenic community filled with strong and real women.

Written by: Kayla Butler





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